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Hair Care 101

Hair Care Tips For Raw & Virgin Hair Extensions 

SEW AROUND YOUR WEFTS-Be sure to have your stylist sew around your wefts. Puncturing the wefts will cause the stitch along the track to loosen and immediately prompt shedding.


DO NOT STRESS HAIR-Reduce the amount of stress on the hair and weft at night by making a couple of loose braids/twists and sleeping with a stain bonnet or pillowcase.


PRODUCT OVERDOSE-It is important not to put too much product in your hair. Using a lot of products in hair can weigh it down or cause it to be heavy.


HEAT- When using heating tools on the hair it is best to use a heat protection.

Daily Maintenance For Curly Hair


Step 1: Separate the hair into sections you can handle then begin to brush out the hair using a wide tooth comb or detangling brush beginning at the ends & working your way up.

Step 2: Spray hair with water using a spray bottle until hair is completely saturated then adding a curling cream/curl activator (encourages curls & it keeps the hair moisturized) 

Step 3: Use a detangling brush to define curls beginning at the ends & working your way up.

Step 4:.Allow the hair to fully air dry before touching and manipulating curls.

Step 5: When fully dry fluff hair to your liking.

How To Co-Wash Your Hair Extensions

Step 1: Saturate the hair with lukewarm water and apply a sulfate-free moisturizing conditioner.

Step 2: Comb conditioner through extensions with wide tooth comb or detangling brush , start at the ends of the hair and gently work your way up.DO NOT BRUSH HARSHLY. *FOR CURLY HAIR DO NOT COMB CURLS you will manipulate the curls. Dip curly until saturated with product RUB THE CONDITIONER all over curls don't use fingers to comb through curls.

Step 3: Let conditioner sit for at least 5 mins.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm to cool water to close the hair cuticles and lock in moisture & shine.

Step 5: Let hair air dry.

Step 6: Proceed to install.